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There’s nothing quite like a healthy, green garden.

At Jim’s Mowing we provide an experienced green thumb to keep your yard looking lush and beautiful all year round.

Most people think of garden care as mowing the grass and watering the plants every weekend. But transforming your yard takes more effort and time than that. From plant care to mulching, hedging to removing green waste – Jim’s Mowing is the trusted team in NSW.

We provide a comprehensive service that keeps money in your pocket and frees up your time. No more dragging out the ladder to reach overhanging branches or pulling out weeds (then pulling out your hair in frustration). Our garden care experts get the job done quickly, professionally and with your dream yard in mind.

We know that every garden is unique, so we don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’. You might have a new veggie patch or a prized rose bush, so our specialists will tailor a lawn care package for you that suits your needs. 

Overgrown branches, small plants, delicate shrubs or drought-tolerant native varieties – we’ll get your garden looking the way you want it.

Why you need garden maintenance

Keeping your garden green and healthy is a constant challenge with the harsh NSW elements. In summer you’ll need to know exactly how much water and fertiliser to add. While winter can quickly undo all your hard work and leave your yard barren and dry.

With Jim’s Mowing you get year-round garden care that will have your yard the envy of the neighbourhood.

Our garden maintenance service includes:

Ask about our custom lawn care packages

Our tailored garden maintenance packages create a 12-month plan for your yard. With an experienced Jim’s Mowing expert on your side we’ll show you how to transform your yard and keep it looking vibrant rain, hail or shine.

Our custom lawn care packages are designed to make your life easier. That means less time in the yard pulling weeds and sweating, and more time enjoying your outdoor space. We work with all property sizes, including blocks and acreages, and keep your costs low by reducing your need to buy expensive equipment and tools.

Don’t wait to wake up to your dream yard. Reach out to a Jim’s Mowing lawn care expert to find out which custom package best suits your needs.

Lawn care tips for NSW homes

Your yard is constantly growing and changing. To get the best out of your outdoor space you need to encourage healthy growth and remove obstacles like weeds, dead branches and debris.

At Jim’s Mowing we provide hedge trimming, tree pruning, grass cutting and tree planting to promote a healthy and diverse yard. This leads to spectacular blooms in spring and resilient gardens through winter.Programmed Lawn care

Our maintenance magicians will share simple lawn care tips to teach you:

  • When to mow your grass
  • When to water your lawn (and how much water to use)
  • How to spot and remove weeds
  • How to relieve compacted grass
  • Simple edging and trimming tips
  • Correct grass care and feeding
  • How to avoid bare patches
  • And much, much more

With these tips you’ll know how to look after your yard like the pros. And if you’re too busy to pull out the mower or start pruning those pesky overhanging branches, there’s a Jim’s Mowing expert on hand to get the job done for you.

Why choose Jim’s Mowing for your garden maintenance?

✔ Professional Service: Our experience and knowledge is unmatched and now it’s yours to use.

✔ Add Value: A well-manicured and pristine yard adds value to your home if you ever decide to sell.

✔ Slash bills: Stop wasting water and start keeping money in your pocket when your next bill arrives.

✔ Set & Forget: Our custom lawn care packages provide regular maintenance meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing.

✔ Save Time: Would you rather spend hours in the yard each week working, or hours in the yard relaxing? We give you precious time back.

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